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In one of our episode of Grow Your Clinic Podcast, we interviewed Jordan Walsh, the founder of Iconic Growth. In that episode, we talked about the 4 key principles for scaling a business.

Most of us, health professionals in business, started out to help more people and make an impact to their lives and to the community. Perhaps, you want to take your business to the next level and grow your clinic. And perhaps, you are looking to scaling your business to make a bigger difference. Do you have what it takes?

These are the 4 Principles for Scaling a Business


The first thing in scaling the business is that you need to know who is in the business. Regardless if it’s a health business, tech, or any professional service, if someone is going to grow a business, it all boils down to their ability to execute.

You can have secured resources, a team, the systems, the market, the tech, and all the planning and strategy; but if there is no execution, it’s impossible to reach your goals and grow your clinic.

Execution is the ability of the leader to take something and get it done, then learn and adjust along the way.


If you look in a competitive space, you have to have a strong brand. Brand is not just about your logo and websites, I’m talking about what actually your business stands for.

It’s about everything in your business; from B2C and B2B to service delivery; from your team culture to your client experience.

A scalable business can preserve their brand and their core values along the growth process. Otherwise, if the brand is not reinforced and if there’s no consistency in it, the business growth will struggle.


The third thing that we look at is the space that the your clinic is in. Aside from the business’ internal factors for scaling up, you have to look at on it’s external factors.

Is your business in a space where there’s potential to scale? Is there an increasing market demand?


Business Mechanics

And then the fourth is the mechanics of the business. It includes the workforce, the tools and systems, and the workflow and structures.

Perhaps you already have these working out well, but will they be able to cope with increased production and workload? Will they be able to maintain or improve their performance in an increased operational level?

As a business owner, it is also important that you are able to automate these systems and delegate tasks, especially decision making, to your team. Otherwise, your business won’t be scalable as it could be if the mechanics revolves around you.


It is normal for most clinic owners to have increased market demand over time. When that happens, we get excited to scale our businesses. But it is important to know if your business and your team are ready for it.

If you feel like you ready to scale your business but you need a bit of a push, we can help you Grow Your Clinic. With our systems, coaching, and community, we’ll help you Lead Inspired Teams to Deliver Amazing Client Experiences to Grow Your Clinic.

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