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Adrian Perillo has 20 years experience developing and supporting businesses that are responding to the disruptive changes brought about by digital technology. He has specialised on digital disruption in the Health Industry, having led both the Telstra Health Consumer division, and also the Medibank Consumer Products Portfolio.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How to navigate through big decisions
  • Leading inspired team
  • Aligning people with your vision
  • Understanding clients’ needs
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Daily and weekly routines
  • How to use Medipass with other health apps
  • Adrian’s career trajectory
  • Creating a safe space for giving and receiving feedback


“People want to align behind people they believe in through work they believe in.”




  • [0:03:38.1]  How tech became part of Adrian’s life and passion
  • [0:08:13.3]  Adrian’s mentors in life and in tech
  • [0:10:15.0]  From business to hosting a radio show
  • [0:13:10.3]  How writing a letter to your future self could help you cope with big changes in life
  • [0:16:10.6]  Aligning the team with your vision
  • [0:19:21.0]  Adrian’s career at Medibank and Telstra
  • [0:21:50.3]  How to gauge the needs of your clients/consumers
  • [0:24:50.9]  What is Medipass and the role it plays in the health industry
  • [0:26:04.2]  How to use Medipass with other health apps
  • [0:27:36.5]  What Medipass has done for clinics (client feedback)
  • [0:29:49.7]  Daily routines and productivity tips
  • [0:33:16.1]  When should we delegate tasks?
  • [0:35:53.0]  Creating the right environment for receiving and giving feedback
  • [0:40:01.3]  What the future looks like for Medipass
  • [0:41:28.5]  Get to know more about Medipass!

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