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The Clinic Mastery team is an affiliate and education partner of Cliniq Apps software. Throughout our many years of business coaching, we've trained and educated thousands of clinic owners just like you to improve your patient acquisition and retention with proven systems so that you can grow your clinic. Cliniq Apps is a proven system to help you grow your clinic.

We're known as one of the most practical Allied Health business coaching services in Australia and we've made it our mission to offer our community the tools they need to automate their clinic and feel in control of their business.

Cliniq Apps is an automated system designed specially for Allied Health business owners to help them grow their clinic. You'll love the fact that it can seamlessly integrate with your practice management software to help retain patients.

With Cliniq Apps you can automate patient reactivation, track patient satisfaction and monitor your business performance from anywhere in the world. Cliniq Apps truly is a game changer for business owners just like you, clinic owners who want to grow their clinic just like you.

Access Clinic Mastery Templates

If you’re like us then you don't want to have to re-invent the wheel. You want done-for-you email scripts, letter templates and prepared campaigns so that you can get started right now. When you join as a paid Cliniq Apps member, all you need to do is select Clinic Mastery as your referral source so that you can access the Clinic Mastery templates immediately.

Cliniq Apps Education Series

Celebrate Client Birthdays

We uncover how to create a campaign that recognises one of the most important days on the calendar...Your Client's Birthday! Click image to play. Click image to play.

Did Not Attend Appointment

We know how frustrating it can be to have empty spaces in the diary from clients not attending! See how Cliniq Apps deals with it. Click image to play.

Reactivating Past Clients

Past clients already know, like and trust you, so it makes sense to nurture them and provide even more value to improve their life. Click image to play.

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Who Can Help You?

Daniel Gibbs

Systems Engineer

We believe the best way for you to build a thriving clinic is to deliver amazing client experiences. It's the most tried and true way to grow your clinic, I know because we were fortunate to win a Telstra Business Award for doing just that. Deliver Wow.

Jack O'Brien

Client Attraction

We're about attracting more of your ideal clients and knowing how to do it in a sustainable and measurable way. It's about being results focused! It's the core reason we've been able to 4x our clinic growth in 2 years.
Be Practical.

Ben Lynch

Client Nurturing

We're committed to changing the landscape of healthcare for your clients. Better experiences, create better client outcomes. That's why we're working with world-leading experts to bring you the latest advances. Make it Fun.

Shane Davis

Team Culture

We're passionate about helping you, inspired clinic owners, to deliver amazing client experiences. It gives me the warm-and-fuzzies! It's also the core reason we've been able to grow our clinics from 0 to 10 sites in 3.5 years. Keep it Simple.