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This week on the podcast, we’re going to be joined by Chris McCarroll, founder and editor of Allied Magazine. Chris started his business life in marketing and events, working with brands such as Buena Vista Walt Disney and Surf Life Saving before taking the leap and opening his own branding studio and health marketing agency.

Since Allied Magazine was founded, it is continuing to build a large following within the Health, Medical, Fitness, and Wellness communities.

Today, We’re exploring mastery of standing out, telling your story and collaboration.


“Everybody has their story. There’s going to be some resistance to telling it… and that’s okay. It’s all about what can you do to make that connection so people can understand you and get to know you before they’ve even met you.”
“You need to surround yourself with people who ‘get it’.”
“It’s not about connecting with everybody; we want to identify it and connect with a certain person, so it’s about always having them in mind when you’re creating your content.”
“Your story will continue to evolve.”



  • [0:01:49.9]  How to market your services and products through storytelling
  • [0:03:43.2]  What kind of stories can/should be told?
  • [0:06:18.9]  Chris’ story and dealing with the pressures of being a business owner
  • [0:10:19.5]  Chris’ support group and how he keeps himself grounded
  • [0:13:25.5]  Chris talks about bringing the stories of health professionals to life
  • [0:16:58.5]  How can we use storytelling in our marketing to connect with other people in the community, and attract them to our clinic?
  • [0:21:29.5]  The Allied Health magazine and where to get it, how to tell your story
  • [0:24:37.4]  How people can apply for the Allied Health Awards
  • [0:28:41.2]  Chris’ parting words

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