Creating a Healthy Reward Structure | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 032

An effective reward system could greatly boost team morale and inspire your staff to serve your clients better. That is why in this episode, we would not only be talking about bonuses and commissions, we’ll also be talking about creating a whole systematic cultural approach towards rewards.


“We think that people are motivated by money. But the truth is that most of our team just genuinely want to be recognized.”
“People want to be recognized for the great behaviors and the great work that they do.”



  • [0:00:41.7]  Listener reviews on iTunes
  • [0:01:46.8]  Three reasons for why you need an effective reward structure
  • [0:02:03.5]  First reason: Recognizing good behavior (privately or publicly)
  • [0:04:48.4]  Second reason: Reinforce values
  • [0:06:19.9]  Third reason: Rewarding performance

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