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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 123

In this episode, Dr. Jonathan Ramachenderan talks about the self-care lessons he has learned as a Palliative Care Doctor. Being exposed to chronically ill patients on a regular basis, this made him take a deeper look into his life and in what really matters in life. Dr. Jonathan now promotes self-care among allied health professionals and inspiring everyone to cultivate a “sense of impatience about the things you want to do in your life.”



  • [0:01:04.6]  Getting to know Jonathan
  • [0:07:38.3]  Why self-care is vital for allied health professionals
  • [0:15:13.4]  How to carve out time for self-care and why Jonathan does not believe in work-life balance
  • [0:17:00.7]  Why you should plan holidays more often
  • [0:18:45.2]  How thinking about death
  • [0:20:42.0]  Follow Jonathan on his socials!



“Self-care is about replenishing energy. And in life, we have physical energy, mental energy, emotional energy, and spiritual energy, and self-care is this intentional process that you do everyday that replenishes you.”




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