‘Do Not Disturb’: Managing the Noise in Your Life to Improve Productivity | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 005

This week on the Grow My Clinic podcast, we’ll be bringing you a short, sharp, punchy episode on distractions and notifications. We’ll be talking about how we can reduce the noise in our lives by restricting certain notifications and calls, decluttering tasks list and managing our inboxes. Jack also shares his experience on living off of ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode so that he can improve his productivity.

We had a lot of fun recording this episode; we believe it’s a very useful life and business hack, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy this episode, too.



“My life doesn’t need to be governed by notifications on my phone.”





  • [0:00:26.6]  Daniel’s challenge to Jack when they first met
  • [0:01:59.5]  What it’s like to turn off email notifications and prioritizing email notifications
  • [0:03:14.8]  Tried and tested methods to minimizing the noise in your life
  • [0:04:21.7]  The 2-minute rule for doing tasks
  • [0:04:57.2]  Jack lives on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode – how he’s able to manage his life and business without getting frequent notifications, emails… and calls!


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