Four Locations In Six Years: Movement 101’s Growth Story | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 221

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 221

In this episode, Marcio Ferreira talks about his humble beginnings, working at a cafe for the first six months after migrating back to Australia, to now being the Founder and Director at Movement 101, leading a team of 28 healthcare professionals across four locations.

Tune in to know more about his clinic owner story and the strategies and systems they implemented to achieve clinic growth.

  • Rapid-fire questions: Reading/Learning List, who inspires you, childhood dreams, motto you live by  [01:09]
  • How Marcio became a physio  [03:08]
  • From professional sports to private practice  [05:46]
  • How Marcio hired his first few team members  [10:21]
  • From zero to a multisite clinic: Movement 101 six years later  [11:51]
  • An average week for Marcio as an owner of a multisite clinic  [13:02]
  • Balancing between business and family  [14:38]
  • How to manage a multisite clinic and 28 team members  [15:55]
  • Tips for attracting the right team members and the right clients  [17:26]
  • Creating a beautiful workplace to attract the right people  [18:22]
  • The role of coaching and Clinic Mastery in Marcio’s personal growth and business  [19:41]
  • Leading the team in the midst of Covid  [20:56]
  • Advice to clinic owners  [26:09]
  • Get in touch with Marcio!  [28:10]

“You only make a good decision after a series of bad ones.”


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