Framing Your Mind for Positivity and Productivity | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 074

Justin Smith from Hunter Podiatry is our podcast guest this week, and he’s going to share to us some pearls of wisdom about building habits to create a healthy mindset that is ready for the day and ready to deal with the emotional rollercoaster of being a clinician and a business owner.


“As clinicians, there’s just so much emotional labor that goes with that, and we can’t help but be sometimes reactive.”



  • [0:01:20.5]  Justin’s exercise habit
  • [0:02:34.5]  Justin’s story, life principles and daily mantra
  • [0:07:25.3]  Benefits of meditating on positive words
  • [0:08:58.8]  The habit of journaling
  • [0:10:32.8]  How Justin deals with the emotional burden of being a clinician
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