Grow My Clinic Community Membership: Why We’ve Chosen Slack Instead Of Facebook Groups

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Facebook Groups are not as structured as the GMC Slack Community

If you’re like me then you’ve easily missed some important Facebook notifications about ongoing discussions, but that is a thing of the past with the GMC Slack Community.

You’re probably already a member of our free Facebook Group called Health Professionals in Business.

We started because people like Julie were saying thins like, “Being in business can be quite lonely“.


In our Facebook Group you an now connect and collaborate with over 1,500 colleagues.

But, the big But (Kardashian size but) is that…

Facebook groups are linear – there is only one vertical stream of communication.

In a matter of hours a thread can disappear from sight, making it difficult to have ongoing threaded conversation.

So we decided to create something more intimate for our community.

In this article, I’m going to share with you why Slack is a better option than Facebook Groups for team and the Grow My Clinic community collaboration.

GMC Membership

The online Grow My Clinic Community is based on the Slack platform because it helps structure meaningful collaboration for clinic owners


What is Slack & Why is it better?

Slack is a team collaboration tool, and a modern-day forum (with cool marketing and heaps of extra technology!)

Here are the top 10 reasons why Slack works for us as a private community forum:

1 of 10 – It’s mobile/app based

There’s an app for all the most popular devices, therefore making it very accessible for most people.

2 of 10 – Threaded conversations

You can create as many channels as you like & we have a channel for each major topic. This makes it easy to find relevant resources and have relevant conversations.

3 of 10 – Direct Messages

You can communicate privately with other members of the community for peer support.

4 of 10 – Private groups

You can set up smaller private groups for specific projects and teams.

5 of 10 – Search functionality

You can search the whole forum for resources, documents and previous communications.

6 of 10 – It’s easy to use

Most people who use a smart phone for communication can use Slack. It’s very similar to most instant messaging apps.

7 of 10 – Unread notifications

When you jump into the community you can clearly see the conversations that are new since you last visited. You can also receive notifications on your devices similar to other apps.

8 of 10 – Document sharing

You can upload document and pictures. Videos from YouTube/Vimeo play natively in Slack.

9 of 10 – Integrations

You can integrate Slack with 100s of other apps including Google Hangouts, Twitter, Google Docs, Dropbox, Mailchimp, Asana, etc.

10 of 10 – Multiple Slack accounts

Since we are using Slack and encouraging you to use it in your clinics, you can have multiple Slack teams/groups and they are all in once place and easy to access.

Join like minded, progressive health professionals who are taking their clinic to the next level!



We’ve previously discussed about how you can use Slack to better collaborate with your team about daily operations.

However, if you want to collaborate how to Grow Your Clinic by discussing the strategies and using the systems of progressive clinic owners, then you should apply for our Membership.

It’s free to apply for the GMC Community Membership, so join the priority list today.

Slack allow you to have much more control over your discussions to that you never miss the important and ongoing discussions you need to be part of.

You can appreciate that Slack is more user-friendly than Facebook Groups for collaboration.

If you’d like to take your clinic to the next level, we’ll see you in the GMC community Membership.

Until Next Time
Live with Passion and Serve with Care

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