036 – Using Products to Enhance Client Experience (with Ryan Savitz)

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035 – Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Clinic with Ryan McCathie of Hunter Rehab and Health
July 9, 2018
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037 – Digital Marketing Techniques with Paul Ramondo
July 9, 2018

Jack and Ryan talks about various products used by clinic owners and how they can enhance the client experience within a health clinic environment.


“Having that technology just gives your clinic that credibility.”

“Having the tech gives you different options to show the patients. Let them decide what they want whether it’s a product, whether it’s an item that you want to sell to them…”



  • [0:01:05.5]  How Ryan ended up working at DJO Global
  • [0:02:57.7]  What is DJO Global?
  • [0:04:33.5]  How to utilize products to enhance the client experience
  • [0:08:52.1]  What it means for clients when they’ve got products that can provide data?
  • [0:11:02.3]  Changing trends in shockwave therapy and how the right product supplier can help clinic owners keep on top of that
  • [0:14:37.4]  Ryan talks about pain management modalities
  • [0:16:50.4]  What should clinics be looking for when choosing a supplier?
  • [0:19:18.6]  Common mistakes clinics make when managing stocks?
  • [0:22:43.9]  Clinics that have done innovative things that helped improved their client experience
  • [0:26:48.8]  Learn more and get in touch with DJO Global!

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