GMCP Ep. 038 – Tips to Successfully Launch Anything in Your Clinic


Jack walks us through the four key elements in launching anything in your clinic, be it a product, a new practitioner, or a new service. He also talks about buyer and customer intent and how to reverse engineer your marketing and communications effort to make sure you launch well.


“Unless you have a strategy in place to fill that, nothing’s going to happen.”
“If someone makes a search on Google, they’re ready to do buy or engage.”



  • [0:03:31.2]  Launch tip #1: Gauging the buying intent of customers in online channels (Google AdWords, Facebook, etc.)
  • [0:04:47.3]  Sample strategy for launching/introducing new practitioners online
  • [0:05:26.7]  Launch tip #2: Contacting referral partners and business partners
  • [0:06:39.2]  Launch tip#3: Distributing content to client database via CRM

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