042 – How to Scale Your Content Marketing

Case Study: Travis Kluckhenn Physiotherapist
July 22, 2018
GMCP Ep. 043 - Web and Graphic Design for Your Business with Julian Connett
043 – Web and Graphic Design for Your Business with Julian Connett
July 28, 2018

We have another short, punchy episode from the one and only Ben Lynch, and in this episode, we’re going to be talking about ways in which you can continuously produce content and some useful places where you can get your content ideas.


“Content marketing is playing the longer game.”

“Content marketing is a great way for us to sow the seed now and reap the rewards later.”

“Content positions you as an authority, as an expert, in a particular area.”

“Your content must reflect the needs, wants, desires and challenges of your ideal patient.”



  • [0:01:19.9]  Why invest in content marketing?
  • [0:01:44.4]  Ways to increase the rate of content marketing that you are doing
  • [0:03:27.2]  Sources for content ideas: Where do I begin? What do I use for my content?
  • [0:03:43.6]  Sources for content ideas: New patient inquiry system
  • [0:04:18.2]  Sources for content ideas: Appointment conversations
  • [0:05:19.2]  Sources for content ideas: Continuing professional development sessions
  • [0:06:07.0]  Sources for content ideas: Publishing/marketing in a way that speaks to your ideal clients
  • [0:07:08.2]  Sources for content ideas: Using Google Keyword Planner
  • [0:07:44.2]  Sources for content ideas: Newshacking
  • [0:08:35.2]  Sources for content ideas: Guest, editors and contributors
  • [0:10:24.4]  Sources for content ideas: Student contributions
  • [0:11:04.8]  Sources for content ideas: Email and social media recommendations

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