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How This Digital Event Will Help You Grow Your Clinic
Retain Your Client’s Better With Systems

Implement the systems and tracking for you and your practitioners to better enrol your clients into a journey of care that they maintain. This will allow you to keep your books full and get better patient outcomes.

Lead High Performing Empowered Teams

Understand how to develop your leadership skills and empower your team to step up into leadership roles by creating a career progression, accountability and engagement that will allow them to step up.

Thrive In an Community of Progressive Clinic Owners

The ability for you to gain the expertise, insights and perspectives of people who are succeeding at growing their clinic means you can accelerate your growth by taking Massive, Tried and True Actions.

Focus On The Important Things & Work On Your Business

When you are around a group of high performance clinic owners, your standards change and you begin to focus on more of the important action so that you create a habit of getting results.

Avoid Costly Mistakes With Strategic Planning

Learn from the track record of others by getting their feedback on your strategy so that you don’t make the mistakes that are easy to avoid in your own Mastermind session.

Attract More Ideal Clients With Targeted Marketing

Learn how to g better quality and quantity leads by targeting your ideal clients, getting their attention and then delivering a message that resonates and influences them to choose you.

Read what other clinic owners have said about Clinic Mastery from our Facebook reviews!

    5 star review  WOW what a team at CM! Highly highly recommend getting in touch with the amazing team at clinic mastery. They have helped my clinic grow so much already and its still growing. Thank you CM

    Robert Amato Avatar Robert Amato
    August 5, 2018

    5 star review  The Grow My Clinic workshop gives you tools to organise, market, build and manage your health business. The positive inclusive attitude, generous abundant culture, and real world practicality are extraordinary. Setting up live marketing channels, in real time, meant that by the time my doors opened on Monday morning I had already made back the cost of the Workshop in new patient bookings. Now I have an ongoing strategy to improve my Practice. Thanks Clinic Mastery!

    Damian Gough Avatar Damian Gough
    March 5, 2018

    positive review  Amazing head is buzzing with information and both Shane and Bridget made it so easy to take in everything. Thanks to you both for your wisdom and time. So valuable!!!

    Jenna Carroll Avatar Jenna Carroll
    August 11, 2018

The Digital Event Schedule

The session focuses may vary. The final schedule of topics will be confirmed approximately 4 weeks prior to the workshop.
March 12


10 am – 1030 am

Online Registration

1030 am – 12 pm

Know Your Outcome

12 pm – 2 pm

Client Attraction

2 pm – 4 pm

Business Systems


Digital Drinks + Fun

March 13


1030 am – 12 pm

Mastermind Your Clinic

12 pm – 2 pm

Leading Your Team

2 pm – 4 pm

Strategic Planning

*The times above for the workshop are approximate times only. We are committed to the highest standard of presentation and insist that all material is covered, therefore the schedule may vary


Digital Event

Zoom Online Experience

The Speakers & Hosts
Engage with industry thought leaders who will transform the way you think and act.

Michael Rizk

Clinic Mastery Coach

Team Leadership, Physiotherapist Trained, iMove & iMoveU

Annie Strauch

Clinic Mastery Coach

Business Operations, Physiotherapist Trained, Performance Medicine

Peter Flynn

Clinic Mastery Coach

Marketing & Finances, Physiotherapist Trained, PhysioFit

Andrew Zacharia

Clinic Mastery Coach

Team Leadership, Physiotherapist Trained, PhysioFit

Ben Lynch

Clinic Mastery Director

Client Nurturing, Podiatrist Trained, Business Coach

Jack O'Brien

Clinic Mastery Director

Client Attraction, Physiotherapist Trained, Terrace Physio Plus

Daniel Gibbs

Clinic Mastery Director

Podiatrist, Clinic Owner of Posture Podiatry, Founding Director of Clinic Mastery

Shane Davis

Clinic Mastery Director

Team Leadership, Podiatrist Trained, Profeet Podiatry

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