Grow My Clinic Live Workshops 2020

“Having access to so many successful practice owners is a complete game-changer for my business”

How This Workshop Will Help You Grow Your Clinic

Retain Your Client’s Better With Systems

Implement the systems and tracking for you and your practitioners to better enrol your clients into a journey of care that they maintain. This will allow you to keep your books full and get better patient outcomes.

Focus On The Important Things & Work On Your Business

When you are around a group of high performance clinic owners, your standards change and you begin to focus on more of the important action so that you create a habit of getting results.

Lead High Performing Teams

Understand how to develop your leadership skills and empower your team to step up into leadership roles by creating a career progression, accountability and engagement that will allow them to step up.

Thrive In an Community of Progressive Clinic Owners

The ability for you to gain the expertise, insights and perspectives of people who are succeeding at growing their clinic means you can accelerate your growth by taking Massive, Tried and True Actions.

Attract More Ideal Clients With Targeted Marketing

Learn how to g better quality and quantity leads by targeting your ideal clients, getting their attention and then delivering a message that resonates and influences them to choose you.

Avoid Costly Mistakes With Strategic Planning

Learn from the track record of others by getting their feedback on your strategy so that you don’t make the mistakes that are easy to avoid in your own Mastermind session.

What Clinic Owners are Saying about the Workshop…

Transform Yourself & Break Through to the Next Level!

Don't Fall Behind In Business!

This is the future of Private Practice…

The questions about growing your clinic remain the same, but the answers have completed changed.

How are you learning, connecting and collaborating with the progressive clinic owners on the new ways of doing business?!

Make no mistake: The old ways of doing business won’t work anymore.

The landscape has changed, and we all need to learn how to adapt to it.

You’ll still be able to grow sustainably by focusing on Leading Great Teams to Deliver Amazing Client Experiences, however, practically you need to know what to do, when to do it and how to do it for the best outcome

Meet The Speakers & Hosts

Engage with industry thought leaders who will transform the way you think and act.

Michael Rizk

Clinic Mastery Coach

Team Leadership, Physiotherapist Trained, iMove & iMoveU

Peter Flynn

Clinic Mastery Coach

Marketing & Finances, Physiotherapist Trained, PhysioFit

Annie Strauch

Clinic Mastery Coach

Business Operations, Physiotherapist Trained, Performance Medicine

Andrew Zacharia

Clinic Mastery Coach

Team Leadership, Physiotherapist Trained, PhysioFit

Jack O'Brien

Clinic Mastery Director

Client Attraction, Physiotherapist Trained, Terrace Physio Plus

Ben Lynch

Clinic Mastery Director

Client Nurturing, Podiatrist Trained, Business Coach

Daniel Gibbs

Clinic Mastery Director

Podiatrist, Clinic Owner of Posture Podiatry, Founding Director of Clinic Mastery

Shane Davis

Clinic Mastery Director

Team Leadership, Podiatrist Trained, Profeet Podiatry

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What Clinic Owners are Saying about the Workshop…

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