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As health professionals, we’re all driven to help people enjoy a better quality of life. This book will show you how to help more people and at the same time, you’ll help more people because the profits from this book will give sight to the blind.

Reviews of Clinic Mastery
Craft A Well-Rounded Business & Life
Personal Mastery

Are you in control of your day?


Do you have a clear vision for your clinic?


How good is your team engagement?


How systemised is your business?


Do you track the important numbers?


Do you have a predictable number of new patients?


Are you providing amazing experiences?

About this life-changing Book

The Grow Your Clinic Book is written to help you amplify your impact. Like us, you probably started life as a health professional because you loved to help people do more of the things they loved with a strong and healthy body. When you start a clinic, you hope to be able to help more people by leading an inspired team to transform client experiences. However, The reality of running a business can often limit your ability to do your life’s best work. We get it, you didn’t learn this business stuff at university. Over the years, through the Clinic Mastery teams collective success and failures and through the partnership with thousands of clinics who have been part of our mentoring, we’ve documented a framework for sustainable change. With the 7 degrees, you’ll be able to amplify your impact for your team, your clients and of course yourself. Not only that, by purchasing a copy of the book, we’ll help someone in need restore their sight so that they can read, learn and see the beauty of the world.

This is more than a book, this is an invitation to join a movement of Clinics For Good who can make change happen.

It's Not a Book.
Its a movement.
How do you grow your clinic in a rapidly changing world?
The answer is to grow your clinic as sustainably as possible.

Grow Your Clinic is about tapping into the driving force behind why you do what you do as a health professional so that you sustainably grow your clinic for good. In this book, Ben Lynch will help you amplify your impact so that you can help more people and experience a more meaningful business journey that represents your version of success.

Get ready to:

Find joy, meaning and fulfilment in growing your clinic
Amplify your purpose by creating a Clinic for Good
Advance your team culture through recruitment and nurturing
Experience profitability and sustainably through each stage of clinic growth
Reduce the business reliance on you by systemising your processes
Create a standout brand to attract your ideal team, clients and partners
Transform client experiences to create raving fans

Being a clinic owner allows you the commercial and creative opportunity to transform the healthcare experience to help more people. This book will show how you can make a positive impact for your clients, team members, partners and causes that matter to you as you grow your clinic.

Reviews of Clinic Mastery
A refreshing new paradigm
Do your life's best work and grow your clinic sustainably.

Using the 7 Degrees framework, you’ll experience the joy, meaning and fulfilment of bringing your vision for a progressive, modern healthcare experience to life. Join the movement of good people embracing the new paradigm of private practice by amplifying your impact as a clinic for good.