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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 203

Randall Cooper, CEO of Premax, shares some lessons he’s learned in running a successful and well-loved global business, how to handle negative reviews and take accountability, how to make people fall in love with your brand, and how they’ve managed to create a loyal following all around the world.

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Getting Personal
  • Reading/learning list  [0:01:14.3] 
  • People who inspire Randall  [0:02:04.7]
  • Childhood aspirations  [0:02:36.4] 
  • Motto you live by  [0:03:01.5] 
  • Why Randall decided to be a physio instead of becoming a chef  [0:03:55.4] 
Life as a Business Owner
  • Randall talks about Premax and how he came up with the idea for athlete engineered skincare  [0:05:55.5] 
  • How Randall manages his time between being a clinician and being a business owner  [0:08:25.1] 
  • The difference between a clinic business and a product business  [0:10:48.8] 
How to Create Raving Fans
  • Lessons on how to make people love your brand  [0:15:28.2] 
  • About Learn.physio [0:18:46.3] 
  • What is the Melbourne ACL Rehab Guide?  [0:19:20.0] 
  • Dealing with self-doubt and insecurities about your products and services  [0:24:18.9] 
  • How to deal with negative reviews about your business  [0:26:00.3] 
  • Randall’s top lessons on business  [0:29:47.9] 
Let’s Connect!
  • Check out Premax  [0:32:30.4] 
  • Connect with Randall  [0:32:53.5] 

“You have to make it happen but you don’t necessarily have to be the person who has to do it.”


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