Jack on Starting His Own Clinic, Overcoming Challenges and Living a Values-Driven Life | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 010

This week on the Grow My Clinic podcast, Jack shares the backstory of how he began his clinic, his humble beginnings, the (unbelievable) challenges he had to overcome as a clinic owner, and some wisdom on starting your own healthcare business.



“The decisions that you make need to align with the values that you have.”





  • [0:00:39.3]  How did Jack become a physiotherapist?
  • [0:02:12.3]  Jack’s experience with the Newcastle Knights
  • [0:04:07.5]  Jack’s first step after finishing his physiotherapy degree
  • [0:05:42.6]  What made Jack start his own physiotherapy clinic?
  • [0:08:14.3]  How Jack went from having one physiotherapy clinic to having multiple branches
  • [0:10:38.9]  Challenges Jack faced when he began his business which involves debts, dishonesty and getting flooded.
  • [0:12:45.8]  How Jack stays grounded on his values
  • [0:14:23.5]  What the future looks like for Jack


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