Lessons On Moving Your Practice Online (with Dr. Jin Ong) | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 220

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 220

Moving your practice online can be a challenge especially if you’re not particularly friendly with internet technologies. But with the current challenges brought about by the pandemic, it may be in your best interest – your team and clients included – to move consultations in the online space.

With the right guidance and strategy, anyone can grow their online business successfully.

In this episode, Dr. Jin Ong, Owner of MetaMed and host of The Art of Listening To Your Body Podcast, talks about her experience in having an online practice, how she got started, and how it has helped her expand her business and grow her client base even during the Covid pandemic.

  • Rapid-fire questions: Reading list, who inspires you, childhood dreams, motto you live by  [01:55]
  • From nail technician to healthcare professional: What inspired Jin to be in healthcare  [03:16]
  • The beginning of Jin’s clinic owner journey  [05:15]
  • How Jin achieved rapid clinic growth  [08:52]
  • Challenges during the first few months of clinic ownership  [12:46]
  • Finding practitioners that align with your values and approach in business  [14:02]
  • What The Art of Listening to Your Body is about  [18:16]
  • Overcoming barriers of growing your business  [26:52]
  • What’s next for Jin  [28:16]
  • Jin’s advice to other clinic owners  [29:40]
  • Things that Jin loves about having an online business  [30:53]
  • Jin’s biggest lesson on starting an online biz  [32:55]
  • Connect with Jin  [35:22]

“Criticism and judgment is an opportunity for growth and to refine your message.”


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