5 Day Immersion

Grow Your Clinic Retreat

Reward Yourself & Invest In Your Future

June 2022 | Noosa, Queensland

It’s a feel-good holiday

5 Day Implementation Retreat to work on your business in paradise

Make it Happen

Imagine the progress you can make in 5 uninterrupted days implementing in your business.

Reward Yourself

The reason you start a business is to enjoy moments like this; building the life on your desire statement.

Play A Bigger Game

Build a world class business and design how you’ll build the team to amplify your impact as a Clinic For Good.

Stop Starting.

Start Finishing!

Focus On #1 Thing

You don’t need more ‘To-Do’s’, it’s time to laser in on the most important change to Grow Your Clinic.

Implement At A Mastery Level

You can immerse yourself in deep work to get more done in 4 days than you might do in 4 months!

Create Massive Momentum

You will have the support of an intimate group of high level members to ensure you make the most of your time!

Join Us In Noosa!

20 - 24 June 2022 | Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort

Ideal for Clinic Owners who are...

Coming off the Tools

You’re looking at ‘what’s next’ now that you are transitioning to full time business owner

Relaunching your business

You are at a point where you are looking to rebrand, relaunch or re-ignite your future direction.

Growing Fast

You’re looking to get the structures in place to support your growth and reduce the reliance on you as you grow.

How we’ll make this super worthwhile for you…

Return on Investment

Get a revenue return on investment before you come*

10 x your investment

Plan your revenue return over the next 12 months when you’re there*

Clarity on Direction

You’ll feel clear and confident in the plan about the future of your clinic

Real Time Implementation

You’ll have time to implement the strategies we cover during the retreat

Private Direct Access

Exclusive access to the Clinic Mastery Team and fellow guests in our Retreat Slack Channel for Q+A prior and for 3 months post retreat for accountability and implementation guidance.

*we’ll clarify how to achieve these outcomes and give you what to do, you just need to implement it!

Reward yourself and Invest in your future

20 - 24 June 2022 | Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort

How it Works

We’ll help you create a well rounded business & Life by developing your level of mastery in each of the 7 Degrees to Grow Your Clinic

Degree 01: Flow

Feel in control and play to your genius

Degree 02: Purpose

Infuse your ‘why’ into your business

Degree 03: Team

Lead inspired teams who grow with you

Degree 04: Systems

Reduce the reliance of business on you

Degree 05: Finance

Maximise your money and be profitable

Degree 06: Brand

Attract more of the right clients and partners

Degree 07: Experiences

Create raving, loyal fans of your clinic

Imagine this for an office...

20 - 24 June 2022 | Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort

When & Where

Noosa, Queensland

VENUE: Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort
DATE: Mon 20th June - Fri 24th June 2022
TIME: Mon start at 1pm - Fri finish at 1pm

The times above for the workshop are approximate times only. We are committed to the highest standard of presentation and insist that all material is covered, therefore the schedule may vary.

Apply Now if this is you…

Business Academy Member

This is only for 35 Members so that we can collaborate at a high level.

$500k+ Revenue Clinic

You need to have a successful business so that we’ve got the ingredients to go to the next level.

3+ Team Members

You need to have a current team of people who can help you implement changes right away.

Reward Yourself and Invest in your Future

$3995 + GST

Terms and conditions apply. For more information please contact [email protected]

*we cannot give tax advice, please check with your accountant to see if this investment is claimable for you.

Daily Training

Daily Impact sessions around the 7 Degrees with the CM team as your host.

Break Out Sessions

Mastermind break out sessions to get group mentoring on your biggest questions and implement what you need to.

Morning Tea & Lunches

Enjoy a long lunch (Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri) to discuss business with people who can relate. (excludes beverages). Morning Tea is also provided on those days.

Daily Activites

Daily Wellness activities to boost your energy and vitality for optimal learning

Exclusive Access

Exclusive slack channel for preparation leading into the retreat and high level resources sharing during and for 3months beyond the retreat.

Tax deductible

Tax deductible investment in yourself and your business*

See You In Noosa!

June 2022 | Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort

What your experience includes

Here’s what you’ll need to help you make the most of your experience:

Assess Your Clinic

Diagnose the underlying causes of what’s presenting in your clinic right now.

1:1 Mentoring

Personalised Strategy Sessions with a Clinic Mastery mentor to refine your action plan.

Group Training

Mastery Sessions with expert trainers to share high level strategic guidance on your next 3 years in business.

Peer Mentorship

Collaborate with peers who can share their experience about what they did when they were in your shoes.

Wellness Boosts

Prime your mind, body and soul to learn at your optimum and make the best leadership decisions.

10hr+ of Implementation Time

Use what you’ve learnt and strategized right away so that you create momentum immediately.

All of this whilst being surrounded by a breathtaking, exotic and truly beautiful 5-star resort environment and inspiring peers in Noosa.

What You Need To Know...

35 Places Available

This in an intimate experience so that we can tailor it to you! We’ll collaborate in the lead up so this is a super valuable experience.

Application Only

To ensure that this is the right experience for you and to ensure that you’ll receive the value you need right now, please apply to join us.

Sooner = Better

This retreat will fill quickly and members who are first to move and apply will be given preference when a place is offered to attend.

Let's chat poolside!

Imagine the conversations...

Members often want to know more about how the CM team run their clinic…

Well, with 4 days of uninterrupted time and in the intimate environment of this retreat you’ll be able to go deep on all things business and clinic owner life.

Often its the long lunch, swim up pool bar or coffee conversation that can be a real game changer!

Alongside a semi-structured collaboration and session flow each day, you’ll be able to share insights, strategies and resources with the other guests and directly with the CM team.

This an exciting opportunity to reward yourself and invest in your future from the stunning location of Noosa, Queensland.

How to justify it to your partner

The 'Savvy Approach'

Try using the line “Tax deduction”

The Ive been working hard and deserve a reward

Holiday for you! Work for me 🙂

What you need to do next

Step 1

Apply Now

Step 2

Confirm Your Place

Step 3

Secure Place with Deposit


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