Massage Chairs and Baristas: How Physio Fit Took Client Care to the Next Level | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 031

Think you’re extra? Andrew Zacharia and Peter Flynn from Physio Fit will share with us what it really means to go the extra mile for your clients. They’d go as far as buying massage chairs for their waiting rooms to hiring a barista for their clinic, just to make their clients have that amazing experience!


“Just opening the door and waiting for people to come isn’t a good [business] strategy.”



  • [0:00:52.8] How Pete became a physio and what he did leading up to Physio Fit
  • [0:07:34.7] Andrew’s journey to becoming a physio and what he did leading up to Physio Fit
  • [0:11:44.8] Where Physio Fit is at now and how they got to where they are
  • [0:12:39.6] Why they still see patients until now
  • [0:15:12.1] Dynamics of a business partnership that works well
  • [0:18:10.6] How Pete and Andrew came up with their values and mission statement
  • [0:20:11.9] How they embraced the business side of things
  • [0:21:50.3] What are they most proud of?
  • [0:23:19.6] Creating a place that people would love coming to work to
  • [0:25:37.8] Andrew, Pete and Jack talk about how they do their quarter huddles
  • [0:26:29.2] Game changing strategies of Physio Fit that sets them apart from other clinics
  • [0:31:52.9] What’s next for Physio Fit?
  • [0:35:14.1] Learn more about Physio Fit

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