Michael Rizk: Run a Clinic Remotely, Master Team Culture, Co-consulting, and Productivity Hacks | GYC Podcast E274

Grow Your Clinic Podcast E274 Michael Rizk

In this episode of the Grow Your Clinic Podcast, Michael shares his insights on running a clinic remotely and reducing operational reliance on clinic owners.

He discusses the importance of thinking differently, facing challenges, and embracing imperfections. Michael’s experience in supporting startup clinics offers practical advice on sustainable clinic growth.

Tune in to learn how to think differently and challenge the norm in business and clinic management.

  • “What does your team need and what does your business need? And the answer to those questions is independent of location, right?”
  • “We found that method of co-consulting as a really beautiful way to transfer trust [for clients].”
  • “If everyone’s happy and laughing and smiling, we might have a mental picture that that’s good culture, but potentially there’s no hard conversations and feedback and actually us getting better as a unit.”
  • “One hour of inspired work is worth more than six hours of uninspired work”
  • “Find what works for you and be open that it’s always evolving and you’re always getting better at doing it.”
  • “I wanted to spend three months [remotely working] in Bali a year, [so] that challenged me [to ask] what does my team need to thrive?”
  • “You’ve already set and achieved goals that you said would make you happy.”

00:00 | Intro

00:37 | Michael’s Bio

02:00 | How “The Four-hour Workweek” Inspired Running A Clinic Remotely

05:00 | Transitioning To Remote Leadership

07:50 | Emotional Vs Physical Presence In Leadership

10:15 | Impact Of Focus Sheets For Efficient Mentoring Sessions

12:50 | Practical Tips For Remote Management And Team Meetings

15:50 | The Mechanics Of Co-consulting (Peer-to-peer Feedback)

18:36 | Common Mistakes In Clinician-to-clinic Owner Transition

24:50 | Creating Trust And Vulnerability In A Team

28:30 | Productivity Hacks And Finding Flow As A Clinic Owner

35:20 | Transforming Client Experience

38:30 | Mastery And Continuous Improvement

45:00 | Always Bring It Back To Your ‘Blue Sky’ Vision

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