Michelle Funder on the Power of Speaking Out and Leading Osteopathy Australia | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 172

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 172

Michelle Funder is the Founding Director of Beyond, and also the President of Osteopathy Australia. In this episode, she shares her thoughts about being a woman in a leadership position and how she’s helping educate the public about osteopathy. She also shares some practical tips on how women can lead in their field and how they can become better leaders in the workplace.

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  • [0:02:07.9]  What’s on Michelle’s reading list, who inspires her, childhood aspirations, motto that she lives by
  • [0:05:14.1]  Michelle’s path to Osteopathy
  • [0:11:42.4]  What is an Osteopath anyway?
  • [0:12:20.4]  How Beyond expanded to become a full on allied health clinic
  • [0:14:41.9]  Becoming the President of Osteopathy Australia
  • [0:17:19.1]  About being a woman in a leadership position
  • [0:19:17.2]  Encouraging women to take the lead and speak out and opportunities that opened up for Michelle since becoming the President of Osteopathy Australia
  • [0:24:15.2]  The future of Osteopathy Australia and why you should be a member (especially if you’re an Osteopath)
  • [0:28:49.9]  Connect with Michelle and learn more about Osteopathy Australia






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