Mike Michalowicz Talks Profit-First Strategies, The Queen Bee Concept, and More | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 163

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 163

This week, we’ll be learning profit-first strategies, managing business expenses, and more from none other than the author of Profit First himself, Mike Michalowicz.

Mike is the Founder of Profit First Professionals and the Co-Founder of Provendus Group. He also authored The Pumpkin Plan and Clockwork, which are favorites among businesspeople. Mike also has a new book coming up titled Fix This Next which will surely be worth your time to read.

This episode is just a gold mine of wisdom for anyone looking to improve their profits while creating an impact. We hope you enjoy this episode!



  • [0:01:21.1]  Mike’s favorite among all his book
  • [0:01:51.3]  Rapid-fire questions: what he’s currently reading, people who inspires Mike, childhood aspirations, favorite motto
  • [0:05:14.8]  From working at a computer store to becoming an entrepreneur/author today
  • [0:07:57.8]  Why your health is of utmost importance
  • [0:09:07.2]  What Fix This Next is about (Mike’s new book)
  • [0:10:54.2]  5 Levels of Business Needs: Sales, Profit, Order, Impact, and Legacy
  • [0:13:04.5]  Breaking down the Profit-First strategy
  • [0:15:34.9]  Making sure that each expense has a corresponding ROI
  • [0:17:29.9]  How to make your business run itself
  • [0:19:33.3]  Mike explains the “Queen Bee Role (QBR)” concept
  • [0:20:47.9]  Action steps for clinic owners
  • [0:23:33.9]  Steps you can take to make an impact
  • [0:25:15.5]  How can we leave a legacy?
  • [0:28:04.2]  What role does a mentor play in helping businesses?
  • [0:29:32.8]  Know more about Mike and all his books



“When we’re comfortable, we could be of greatest service to others.”








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