Personal Talk with Hootan Mohseni, Owner and Founder of Cliniq Apps | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 019

Hootan joins us this week for a very inspiring episode of the Grow My Clinic podcast. He shares about his journey to founding Cliniq Apps, what he went through to get to where he is today, and what inspired him to start Cliniq Apps in the first place.
We’re sure you’ll be getting gems from this episode!


“If we’re gonna be sleepless with kids, we might as well be sleepless with business, right?”
“When your back’s against the wall and cash is running out, and you’ve got to get to marketing, you’ve got deadlines to meet, that’s what really tests your commitment to what you’re doing.”
“If you can be honest and transparent with your clients, and flexible and create a service that meets their needs, when something goes wrong or when something happens, you’ll have a clientele that care enough about you to be advocates in those situations.”



  • [0:02:03.9]  Hootan’s backstory: where he studied, his experience prior to Cliniq Apps, studying vet med, working in Ernst and Young, doing mobile apps for veterinarians
  • [0:05:59.3]  Hootan’s previous businesses before Cliniq Apps
  • [0:09:48.6]  Two things he learned at Ernst and Young that helped him become the person he is today
  • [0:12:54.1]  Summarizing Cliniq Apps in a sentence
  • [0:13:53.7]  Hootan’s inspiring journey to founding Cliniq Apps
  • [0:22:01.8]  Creating raving fans

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