Physitrack Features You Must Know and the Telehealth Space (w/ Marijn Kortekaas) | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 029

“Technology, when used well, can free up a lot of time.”

And so in this episode of the Grow My Clinic podcast, we’re going to show you more about what you can do with Physitrack, a software that encapsulates exercise prescription, outcome measures, adherence tracking, patient education, etc.. We are also going to explore the telehealth space and answer some of the common questions about it.

Marijn Kortekaas from Physitrack will be joining us for this episode and he’ll be walking us through both Physitrack and some aspects of the telehealth space.

We hope that you enjoy this episode!


“One of the key things that we always set ourselves out to do was to make it as easy and as engaging to our clients.”
“Education is as important as the exercises themselves.”
“Physitrack provides clinicians the opportunity to communicate with patients outside of the traditional confines of the consult room.”
“Automation is magic – it means that things don’t get missed.”
“Technology, when used well, can free up a lot of time.”



  • [0:01:06.4]  Using multimedia to educate patients
  • [0:03:15.7]  Do practitioners who prescribe exercises and education get better outcomes than those practitioners who just prescribe exercises?
  • [0:06:34.4]  Jack and Marijn talks about the messaging feature of Physitrack
  • [0:07:18.6]  Exercise adherence, pain scores, RPE, sets and reps
  • [0:09:42.4]  Types of questionnaires that are in Physitrack and how they deal with insurance companies and outcome measures
  • [0:12:31.2]  Creating custom outcome measures in Physitrack
  • [0:13:22.9]  What you need to know about the telehealth space: remote consultations, insurance frameworks, etc.
  • [0:15:59.3]  Insurance in the telehealth space
  • [0:18:21.7]  How can technology enhance the client experience? Why should clinics embrace technology from an experience point of view?
  • [0:21:03.0]  Integration with Cliniq Apps
  • [0:22:23.6]  Learn more about Physitrack!

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