Doing Regular SWOT Analyses with Asana | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 012


Jack and Ben talks about regularly doing a SWOT analysis on your clinic business, the four areas clinic owners need to audit, and how to make your clinic run without your 24/7 supervision.





  • [0:00:45.4]  How Jack made his clinic thrive without 24/7 supervision
  • [0:02:01.8]  Using Asana to establish recurring tasks and flow
  • [0:03:51.9]  Four areas to audit for a SWOT analysis: financial and legal analysis, client experiences (a.k.a. “creating raving fans”), team culture and marketing
  • [0:04:28.8]  Creating projects and sections in Asana for your SWOT analysis
  • [0:05:41.1]  Benefits of regularly doing a SWOT analysis on your business
  • [0:07:20.2]  Challenge to podcast listeners
  • [0:08:33.7]  Testimonies from Clinic Mastery members about using Asana for recurring tasks and flow
  • [0:09:04.7]  Bringing order into your clinic business with Asana


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