Sarah Morris: Signs of ADHD, creating a meaningful life, and more | GYC Podcast E272

Grow Your Clinic Podcast E272

In this episode, clinical psychologist Sarah Morris discusses the increase in awareness and effectiveness of treatments for people with ADHD.

We explore the challenges of sustaining attention and structuring one’s day. The importance of recognising ADHD as a difference rather than a brokenness, and the power of having mentors in life.

Tune in to gain valuable insights on managing work and life with ADHD.

  • “ADHD is part of the normal spectrum of society, the same as height.”
  • “There’s something about ADHD that can often be a little bit of an advantage where we seek out these high stimulus environments because there’s a little bit of motivation in that stimulus.”
  • “I really want to help people… make those changes in how they’re responding to the tricky stuff that shows up within us… so that we can be moving towards what actually really matters in our life.”
  • “I think that sometimes my ADHD actually kind of is a little bit of a strength here because it’s like, I enjoy the novelty of shifting roles… I actually really thrive on that variety of what my week looks like.”
  • “I think business is a really great canvas for us to express that creativity and bring to life a vision that we have, say, for our client’s experience and our team’s experience, which is pretty cool”

00:00 Intro

01:50 What is ADHD?

04:12 How to manage ADHD

06:54 How to ‘switch gears’ when you need to focus

09:51 Tips for supporting team with ADHD, as a clinic owner

15:05 Structuring for a productive day

17:12 Living and working with purpose and meaning

19:30 What to do when you’re burned out as a clinic owner

23:38 Managing your own ADHD as a clinic owner

25:43 Managing competing demands as a business owner

28:10 The duality of ADHD

31:19 Navigating business ownership with serving clients

35:50 Being a Clinic for Good

39:00 Applying research skills to clinic life

43:11 Embracing continuous improvement (feedback loops)

45:34 What is Mastery to you?

51:33 Connect with Sarah

Connect with Sarah

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