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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 258

Scaling your business while also having a growing family can be a tough challenge for practice owners, but with a solid strategy, it’s not impossible to strike a balance between business growth and family life.

In this episode,  we chat with Hannah Dunn, Director and Principal OT at D.O.T.S. Occupational Therapy for Children. Hannah shares the lessons she’s learned on being a work-from-home Director and the common challenges she’s faced as she scales her business and while taking care of a growing family.

She also talks about how she provides pathways for her team members, creates accountability, and maintains a sense of presence even as she works remotely.

  • [04:03]  What it’s like growing a business while growing a family
  • [08:03]  Key lessons Hannah’s learned in navigating a busy period in life
  • [09:43]  Hannah’s clinic today
  • [10:29]  How to prioritise with a busy life growing sustainably
  • [12:16]  Leading a team in the early days vs. today
  • [13:42]  Accountability, How Hannah handles tough conversations before vs now
  • [17:03]  Providing challenges and pathways for team members
  • [20:30]  Recruitment in a competitive environment
  • [23:30]  How to market your clinic to the job seekers
  • [27:05]  Transitioning from practitioner to becoming a full-time business owner
  • [28:40]  What’s life like integrating family with work (husband works for the business also)
  • [29:44]  How to maintain that sense of presence when you work from home
  • [31:35]  How to get team members on board with the rate of change and progression
  • [35:47]  Helpful tips for dealing with stress
  • [39:37]  Question for the next guest

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