Jack O’Brien

Clinic owner of Terrace Physio Plus
CEO of Clinic Mastery

Hi, I’m Jack
I was originally a client of Clinic Mastery – I have always believed in being coached and mentored, and at the time was looking for some high-level operators, who understood the health landscape. After implementing everything, growing my business like crazy and feeling like I had found my long lost brothers, I joined the team to bring my unique skills around client attraction, team building, marketing and technology – as well as bring a physiotherapist to the mix! It is a dream come true, and wouldn’t want to do anything else!



Online Advertising

You’ll need low cost strategies to attract more of your ideal clients. I’ll help you get more more clients online.

Leadership & Mindest

You’re going to need to be an effective leader to facilitate change. I’ll refine your vision for so that you get better outcomes.

Content Marketing

You’ll need to differentiate yourself in the market with a consistent & authentic message. I’ll refine your creative delivery.

Team Member Engagement

You’ll need to engage and align your team with your vision. I’ll help you create a great place to work.

Always played competitive rugby league and cricket, spent a lot of time in the physio rooms with 3 reconstructive surgeries, and was always interested in health/medicine, but didn’t want the lifestyle of a doctor in hospitals.

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