Hi there,

Occupational Therapist

Clinic Owner of South West Kids Clinic
Clinic Mastery Coach

Hi, I’m Mel
Great guidance through life has always been important to me. Whether it be a teacher at school, a family member or a clinical supervisor, having someone in my court to give new perspectives opened my eyes to other possibilities. As a client of CM, I felt the abundance of support from the whole team to make good decisions and guide me through business ownership.

Progressing into the role as a coach on the CM team has allowed me to share from my experiences and lessons learned in business ownership and leading a team. More specifically, I get the opportunity to support paediatric clinics to develop and implement assets, systems and processes.

Having navigated the NDIS space in its early stages, I care about helping other business owners work through the process and can provide the help and support I wish was available during my initial registration.

In a nutshell I love..
Family trips

I love nothing more than heading down the south coast of NSW over summer and on weekends. It is my place to recharge and soak up the sunshine with my family.


I am addicted to renovating! There is something special about rejuvenating a run down space and turning it into a comfortable and functional place to enjoy.


I enjoy finding new recipes and experimenting with different taste combinations in the kitchen. My favourite dish would have to be some sort of pasta.


Paediatrics is my passion

Since graduating as an Occupational Therapist, I have only ever worked in Paediatrics. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to help business owners to navigate the challenges that are unique to owning a paediatric clinic.

I love creating great team culture

Team engagement is about getting vulnerable and having deep conversations to create relationships. It is about setting a rhythm to connect with each person and taking the time to be completely present with that person.

From the words of the Dalai Lama ‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible’. It does not take much effort to show kindness in everything we do, yet the impact is significant.

How I can help you
Team Culture & Engagement

Together we are better. You’ll need your team with you, I’ll help you develop these strategies.

Leadership & Mindset

Finding clarity around your why will help you lead your team. Doing it with love is something that I can help you with.

Client Experience Journey

Discovering your ideal client and their ideal journey is important. I can help you systemise this so you get it right every time.

Systems & Processes

Let me help you with your systems & processes.

Paediatrics & NDIS
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