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Exercise Physiologist

Head of Member Experience

Hi, I’m Nardine
In learning to become an exercise expert I also found a love for applying the model of care to a person’s professional development.

Prescribing exercise to achieve a person’s functional goals is similar to the business journey. We assess, analyse and plan, implement and measure but most of all we navigate.
I get a kick out of helping people navigate their path and reach their destination. Sometimes it can be wobbly but having a cheerleader close by and through connecting with others who have been there done that, anything can be achieved.

I am here to make sure your experience with Clinical Mastery is awesome. I can help find the best ways to support you now. Whether you need access to information, need to connect to an expert or simply need to reset and not sure how, contact me!

In a nutshell I love..

We live near the bay on the Redcliffe Peninsula, Brisbane.
I am in my happy place when I am watching my kids play their sport. We are an active family and every weekend involves travelling to games/races. They are committed to their training and development and are discovering that persistence creates opportunities.


My medicine of choice! I am always training for an event.


I make it my mission to try as many cafe’s as possible! I admit it, I’m a proud coffee snob!


I was born into a sporty family and believe that sport and exercise are essential for not only health but personal growth. We can learn so much from both individual and team sports. Even though I am a born and bred Kiwi, I have traded rugby union for AFL, shhh don’t tell my Dad!


For the past decade I have been a Member Advisor at Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA). I make it my mission to help people learn and grow, especially by creating and connecting with a community that have been there and done that.

As health graduates, we are usually health professionals first and clinic owners second. The business knowledge and skills take time to acquire. You don’t need to do it on your own. Get the help you need from people who want to see you succeed.

Remember to focus on what is going well – because there is always something that is going right, even when things seem hard. This helps to achieve a mindset that can help us make abundant decisions rather than being reactive.

How I can help you
Let’s Connect

I am the point of contact for all Clinic Mastery members that need anything related to making the most of their membership. Contact me and I can make it happen. nardine@clinicmastery.com

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