Leading Your Team Through COVID-19

How To Navigate Team Challenges

How to navigate COVID-19 conversations with your team – a clinic owner’s guide

COVID-19 challenges are at the forefront of clinic owner’s minds due to the current wave, with many of us wondering how we can best support our team through this time.

As clinic owners, our team are not only the lifeblood of our business, they are also like family to us and being able to effectively lead them through this uncertain time is foremost on our minds.

Join Clinic Mastery as we explore the strategies that will help you support your team through this challenging time. We will also be joined by HR expert Carli Saw from Strawberry Seed Consulting who will discuss workplace regulations and guidelines to be considered.

Checkout the Session Topics below to see what we will be discussing.

+ Common challenges business owners are facing with their team through the Omicron wave

+ Our framework for having tough/supportive conversations with team members who aren’t coping well

+ How to continue to grow as a leader with your team through this time

+ Leave entitlements – what leave is applicable in different situations

+ What workplace/HR systems you should have in place

+ Employer obligations v employee obligations

Carli Saw

Strawberry Seed Consulting
Tuesday 8th February 2022
7:30pm AEDT (SYD/MELB)