How to recruit your ideal team member in under 6 weeks

Without Advertising On SEEK

Discover how a 6 stage recruitment ecosystem can help grow your team

Recruitment challenges are at the forefront of clinic owner’s minds especially towards the end-of-financial-year, with many of us wondering how we can best manage our team and recruitment strategies through this time.

As clinic owners, people is not only the oxygen of our business, but they are a reflection of the culture we create and the applicants that attract.

Join Clinic Mastery as we explore the strategies that will help you master your recruitment through this EOFY. We will also be joined by clinic owner and CM Mentor Melinda Webber from South West Kids Clinic who will discuss her experiences and success stories of hiring for occupational therapy and speech pathology and physiotherapy.

Checkout the Session Topics below to see what we will be discussing.

+ How to boost awareness, get more applications and add more team members within the next 6 weeks

+ Brand Strategy: How to attract more ideal applicants without competing on salary even if no one knows you

+ Recruitment Ecosystem: How to recruit more therapists without using SEEK even if there’s a lack of applicants

+ Workflow Approach: refine your recruitment process without spending thousands of dollars even if you’re short on time

Melinda Webber

South West Kids Clinic, NSW
Monday 27th June 2022
7:30pm AEST (Syd/Melb)