Facebook Marketing

It’s confusing.

Facebook marketing, I mean. You keep hearing about businesses that are making a ‘motza’ from Facebook, but it doesn’t seem to work for you.

Instead, you find Facebook takes a lot of time and effort and brings little rewards.

And it’s stressful constantly coming up with content. (Not to mention trying to look like you know what you’re doing. ?)

And you’re right. Facebook can be confusing, time-consuming and frustrating.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You see, most people who aren’t seeing results don’t have a strategy, and they don’t know how social media works. And knowledge and strategy are crucial.

That’s why I’ve put together this post with 8 Super Strategies for Facebook Marketing Success. So, let’s kick it off, shall we?

First, we’ve put the high-points in an infographic for you. Then we’re diving deep into the what, why and how of each strategy.

Get Consistent

The internet is like Star Trek. We’re all beaming about the place at the click of a button.

And when people “beam down” to your Facebook page, the first thing they subconsciously want to know is whether they’re in the right place.

So, if you decide to mix things up and make your Facebook page look different to your website, people will get confused. And confused people click away.

Let’s use Clinic Mastery as an example. Here’s the top of their website, and you can see their logo and their tag line along with a great image.

Now, if we click over to their Facebook page, we can see there’s consistent branding. Most businesses should use their logo in the profile image space (the small round image), but the Clinic Mastery logo would be a little lost here, so they’ve used their tag line and brand colours for consistency.

If we look further afield, their Instagram and Youtube pages have consistent branding too. This makes it easy for people to know they’re in the right place.

Change It Up

Although you want to be consistent in your branding and imagery, you can change things up.

The large image on your Facebook page is called a cover image, and it’s a good idea to change that regularly.

Why? Because each time you change that image, it creates a post (so you get two for the price of one ?).

And this post is shared with a higher proportion of your audience than a standard post. This makes your cover space prime real estate, so use it strategically.

Let’s say you’ve just launched a new online booking system. You could create a cover image or video to share this with your audience and add a link to make a booking in the comments. More of your audience will see this post, so you’re more likely to get more clicks on your link.

Be Helpful

When creating your content, focus on helpful marketing. The idea is to make your page a place that your ideal patient wants to visit every day.

Facebook is a social platform, so your content has to be consistent with that. Think of it as a giant BBQ.

People are hanging out, chatting, and sharing stories. So create content that’s helpful for them.

If you’re a physiotherapist who sees a lot of office workers with neck and shoulder problems, try creating a short video on stretches that can be done at a desk.

It’s not new or innovative, but helpful marketing is powerful on Facebook.

Be Evocative

By evocative, I mean your content needs to evoke an emotional response. And preferably a positive emotional response – like happiness or joy.

The fact is that happiness makes us share, at least on Facebook.  Studies show that good news and positive messages spread faster on social media than any other type of content.

So, when you’re crafting content think about how you position your message. If you can create content that’s positive or will make people happy, it’s more likely your audience will share it.

Interact Strategically

Networking has been around for decades. Maybe centuries, and it’s still used today because it works.

And here’s the thing that no one will tell you: You can network on Facebook too!

Think about where your ideal patients hang out. Think about where they’re injured and who might refer them to you and interact with those businesses online.

An example is a sports physio who comments on posts put out by local personal trainers, or gyms or sporting organisations.

You can only do this on your desktop, not mobile devices. Here’s how it works.

Under each post, you’ll see a small image of yourself, with a little down arrow.

Click on that down arrow and list of all the pages you manage comes up, like on the screenshot.

When you click on the page you want to comment as you’ll notice the symbol changes.

You can also comment with gifs or stickers, as Evoker Physiotherapy has done in this post that a local gym published.

Doing this regularly raises your profile with both the business and the people who comment on their page.

It helps more people know about your business, and showing up regularly in this way helps them see you as reliable and trustworthy.

Use Your Tools

You can use tools like tagging to increase shares of your posts too. Here are a few ideas on how to use this strategy.

Evoker Premium Physiotherapy created a post about their new Hypervolt, and tagged Hyperice Australia.

When you tag a business page, they receive a message that they were tagged in a post. That business is likely to view your post and may comment, or share the post on their own page.

Another idea is if you have a team building activity or you and your team participate in an activity together, you can create a tagged post. For example, if you and your team took a yoga class at local studio you could create a post that showed you participating and tag the studio.

Create Content Pillars

Creating content pillars makes posting easier, and gives you structure. There are many ways of doing this, but a simple structure is to create content around the pillars of affinity, authority and awareness.

Affinity posts create an affinity with your audience. They may be a joke or meme, or something that shows your audience you can see their perspective.

Authority posts position you as an authority in your field, and awareness posts raise awareness of your services.

You can create posts that cross over two or even three of these pillars, and that’s fine. The key is to use the pillars to create regular content across all three areas.

You Have the Power

So now you’re armed with some great strategies, you have the power to improve your Facebook marketing.

Start creating positive posts, interacting strategically and tagging relevant businesses in your content. When you’re consistent with your branding, post regularly and network online, you’ll increase your reach and engagement.

And with content pillars, you’ll find content creation quick and easy. So what are you waiting for?

Start implementing these strategies today and see your Facebook marketing take off!



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