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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 217

For almost four years, we have been working on helping clinic owners achieve their clinic’s fullest potential in serving clients and creating an impact on their community.

We have shared with you some of the most amazing stories on how clinics have grown from a small room/office to becoming multi-site clinics; some stories of how clinic owners have overcome and adapted through COVID, and how clinic owners were able to grow their teams and create a thriving culture in their clinic.

We’ve also shared some of our tried and tested principles on how to grow your clinic, personal development tips, leadership and mentoring tips, creating clinic assets and systems, and more.

Now, we’re going to be pouring out all our knowledge, experience, and stories into our up-and-coming book, which is coming out by the end of 2021.

Want to learn more? Listen to the full episode!

  • What to expect from the book  [01:23]
  • Who is it for?  [05:04]


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