A Checklist to Kickstart Clinic Growth: From KPIs to Measure to Essential Leadership Skills | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 193

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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 193

Dr. Clair Lawson, Owner of Lawson Clinical Psychology, joins us in this episode to talk about the steps she took to get more clients into her clinic and how she grew her private practice from scratch. She gives some tips on what KPIs to look out for and why coaching is a valuable investment for growing your clinic.

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Rapid-fire Questions
  • [0:01:15.1]  Clair’s reading/learning list
  • [0:01:56.1]  Who inspires you?
  • [0:02:40.4]  Clair’s childhood dream
  • [0:03:29.0]  Motto you live by

“Relationships are everything.”

Clair’s Career and Business Journey
  • [0:04:20.7]  How Clair ended up studying Psychology
  • [0:06:00.3]  Knowing more about Clinical Psychology
  • [0:06:26.1]  Clair’s transition to clinic ownership
Routines and Habits as a Clinic Owner
  • [0:09:41.5]  How Clair started building her client base from scratch
  • [0:10:52.7]  Lessons on starting your own practice
  • [0:11:57.8]  What Lawson Clinical Psychology looks like now + their growth trajectory
  • [0:12:32.7]  How Clair manages all her many roles, routines and habits
KPIs to Measure
  • [0:13:25.3]  General tips on how to grow your clinic
  • [0:14:41.2]  How Clair monitors her clinic’s growth and the KPIs she measures
Leadership Lessons
  • [0:15:41.9]  Lessons on leading the team
  • [0:17:43.0]  Why leaders need mentors too + how your growth as a leader can help your clinic grow
  • [0:22:24.1]  Easy tips to kickstart your clinic growth
  • [0:24:30.5]  Advice to clinic owners
  • [0:25:47.4]  Get in touch with Clair!

“Any growth that happens really needs to be measured and needs to be planned.”


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