Your Clinic Growth Framework ™

You didn't learn Business at Uni...

This framework represents the real-world 7 Degrees you need to master in business so that you can sustainably Grow Your Clinic™ .

Craft A Well-Rounded Business & Life
Personal Mastery

Are you in control of your day?


Do you have a clear vision for your clinic?


How good is your team engagement?


How systemised is your business?


Do you track the important numbers?


Do you have a predictable number of new patients?


Are you providing amazing experiences?

Assess Your Clinic
Identify how to perform better in each of the 7 Degrees to Craft a Well-Rounded Business & Life
Do the right thing
at the right time!

We’ve observed clinics performing at different levels within each of the 7 Degrees.

For some clinics, they excel in one of the degrees and not in others, this causes a Growth Gap making progress hard to sustain.

We call these levels of performance, your level of Mastery.

Knowing your level of mastery in each of the 7 Degrees means you can do the right thing at the right time (for your clinic to grow sustainably).

Massive To-Do List..?
Not sure where to start?
Assess > Discover > Transform




Before you prescribe a course of treatment for your patient, you will first assess them so that you make the best possible diagnosis to guide your treatment.

It makes sense that in your business you should also start with an assessment before you discover your strategy and then transform your clinic.

The 7 Degrees to Grow Your Clinic provides the framework to identify your level of mastery in each of the functional areas of your business.

Once you’ve completed the Assess Your Clinic Scorecard you will receive a tailored report to guide you’re next steps to Grow Your Clinic ™.

How Does Your Clinic Score?
Get a rating for the 7 Degrees of Business that you need to master.
Settle the Symptoms & Correct the Cause

Your clinic is just like the human body. There are many vital systems that need to work together for your health to thrive.

When the underlying systems are not working as well as they should, you become out of balance and symptoms arise.

It can be easy to look for a band aid approach to settle the symptoms because life is busy and business moves fast!

Having a framework like the 7 Degrees to assess your clinic means that you can correct the cause to enjoy more balance!