Clinics for Good®

Amplify Your Impact™

To help health professionals in business to play a bigger game and Amplify Your Impact™ through collaboration and conscious business practices by becoming Clinics For Good®.

You Can Change the World: Play a Bigger Game

Clinics are a real force for good in this world and you started your business to do more than just break even, you started because you wanted to make the world a better place, live in alignment with your mission by becoming Clinics For Good®.

Work That Matters for People Who Care

Infusing your ‘why’ into what you do will create more meaningful work for you and give you greater fulfilment (and your team).

Purposefully designing your business to make an impact attracts like minded partners, team members and clients.

Clients are more socially conscious in the market today, creating an attraction advantage that positions you are a business to trust.

"The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” (Steve Jobs)

Join the Movement

1. Form

Complete the Clinics for Good® application form below. This allows us to measure your commitment to doing good as a clinic.

2. Recognition

You are recognised as one of the Clinics for Good® by your proven link of giving and Socially conscious business practices.

3. Renew

You are recognised as a Clinic for Good for a period of 2 years and need to renew through a re-audit at that stage.

4. Affiliated

Use the ‘protected title’ & logo of a Clinic For Good to represent your commitment on your website, email signature & more.

Companies we Support
Amplify Your Impact™

We believe every clinic would amplify their impact by aligning and contributing to these global goals.

The Values We Live

Keep it Real

We are to the point in our feedback because results matter. We don’t see it better or worse than it is.

We walk our talk, our content is genuine, our practices are current, reflective of our experience and advice.

Make it Happen

We follow through on what we say we’re going to do for our team mates and clients.

We go above and beyond our expectations and outside of our role to get results for the team and clients

Bring the Energy

We reframe below the line behaviour by focusing on the positivity and opportunities ahead.

We are actively transferring enthusiasm and optimism to those around us

Be Outcomes Focused

We clarify and simplify the actions required ahead so that results are realised.

We are obsessed about the outcome and finding new and better ways to achieve them