March 2015
August 2015

ProFeet Culture Day

Daniel & Ben planned a culture day for Shane Davis’ Profeet Podiatry Clinic which saw the clinic grow 15% month on month over the next 3 months. It was a real success. Shane has and continues to invest heavily in mentoring and saw an opportunity to deliver mentoring for clinic owners in a way that resonated… by focusing on leading inspired teams and transforming client experiences. Shane could see the potential for Clinic Mastery.
November 2015

Shane’s Word to Ben

Shane bails Ben up to put the firm word on making Clinic Mastery happen as he could see the possibilities. He knew Ben had the ear of Daniel and so they committed to meet in Adelaide over a mutual love, a round of golf.
December 2015

Doing Business on the Course

Daniel and Ben host Shane at Mt Osmond Golf Club on the 15th December to talk shop. Shane won the golf, visitors luck! On the 19th hole, the first version of the Business Academy was devised and the inception of Clinic Mastery was now real.
February 2016

Clinic Mastery is Launched

Clinic Mastery became official and the work began. Daniel had the ‘Content’, Shane knew the ‘Coaching’ and Ben could bring it to the ‘Community’. The first version of the Business Academy was built and ready to deliver to our first cohort.
April 2016

1st Business Academy Cohort

The first launch of the Business academy happened on 16th April. Open for 7 days, this was the first of four enrolment cohorts in 2016. To manage the members and evolve the product through its first few iterations, the university style enrolment process was a way to refine what was delivered based on people’s needs.
October 2017

Jack Joins

Jack was one of the earliest Business Academy Members who made an impression. Jack did 3 things that inspired the Growth of the Clinic Mastery community. Firstly, he walked the talk and made substantial gains in his Terrace Physio clinics. Secondly, he connected with many member and partners to lend a hand and add massive value. Finally, he formed part of a catalyst that inspired the Clinics For Good Movement.
In October he joined as a director and owner of Clinic Mastery.
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