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In this episode, we’ll be talking about implementing Asana into your clinics.

You can now do away with your sticky notes and whiteboards, and make reminders and task delegation easier for your team using Asana. This is why we encourage clinic owners to use Asana in their daily operations. It’s much more effective, convenient, and helps you get more things done.



“What gets measured, gets managed.”

“I think the nature of the beast is that a lot of people in the team will tend to avoid it early on because it’s unfamiliar.”

“The key to implementing any change in your clinic/business when you’ve got a team, is that they’re always thinking, “Hey, what’s in it for me?” Otherwise, they’ll just see it as more work.”





  • [0:01:43.7]  Key to implementing any change in your clinic/business
  • [0:02:54.1]  Best way to communicate the benefits of Asana to your team
  • [0:03:27.1]  Simon Sinek’s ‘Why, How, What’ method that can help you implement changes into your clinic operations
  • [0:05:30.1]  Practical things your team need to do when getting into Asana
  • [0:06:46.0]  Giving your team some time to get used to Asana
  • [0:07:33.0]  Incentivising 100% Asana adherence

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Using Asana to Improve Your Clinic’s Workflow | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 001

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