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If you were asked: as a clinic owner, what are the things you could personally change to feel more control of your business and to lay a foundation for sustainable growth? Because, to create a change is all well and good but you gotta be accountable to continuing that change. You want to make sure to sustain it for the future.

Here are the top five things you can personally change to grow your clinic

1. Accept Ownership

Number one actually starts with ownership. To actually accept the responsibility that your current reality in business is because of the quality or caliber leader you are and have been in the past; perhaps, there’s a huge opportunity for you to grow as a leader; to recognize your attitudes and behaviors, for instance, toward your team; perhaps there’s an irritation, friction, resentment. Because it all starts with you – the psychology of the owner.

So, it’s about taking ownership and becoming aware, having this meta-awareness of how you’re showing up each day. That’s number one personal change you can make.

2. Desire Statement

Number two is a desire statement which is a very we’re well-articulated guide to what you desire three years from now across a few different areas of your life. Look at your health, your wealth, your time, your relationships, your business. Give your self a score for each area and set a clear detail on how you want it to look like after three years. Communicate these details, articulate it, and write it down.

Because, only once we have that, can we reverse engineer a pragmatic plan to actually redirect or transform your business in alignment with that. There’s no good just growing your business for the sake of growing. That causes more headaches than it deserves. So, we want to be sure it’s purposeful growth. So start with your desire statement, get really clear on that. Where do you want to go?

3. Time Blocking

The next thing is time blocking – to work purposefully on your business. We’ve talked about this multiple times on our Grow Your Clinic Podcast. We want to make sure you’ve actually got time to learn the strategies and implement the strategies that are required to grow your business.

4. Recognize Your Team

The fourth one there is to recognize the team that you have. Go out of your way despite whatever condition you think the culture is in. Sit down and write something to each team member to reflect on the value and contribution that they make. Recognize them for something specific they’ve done recently or just generally what they bring to the team, what you admire and acknowledge.

5. Have a Task List

And the last one there is to have a task list like through Asana, or Trello, or Wunderlist – something where you can start to document the things that need to be done around the clinic, especially on your list as the owner. Because as we progress forward, we’d be looking to delegate those to current team members, or outsource them, or even delete them. If nothing else, have a schedule so that you do the things you need to to be at your best.


To sum up everything, number one is accept ownership, become aware of playing above the line, making sure your deliberate about how you show up. Number two is desire statement have a very clear vision of where you want to go personally and the business is a vehicle to help you get there. Then, number three is time blocking purposefully on your business so that you have the ability and capacity to implement change. Number four is to recognize the team very genuinely and purposefully. And then the final one there is to have a task list of all the things you do so that you can continue to do them and not forget about it, or you can delegate it, or it’s an opportunity for you to delete them out of your tasks.

They’re the top changes that we look to create for a clinic owner when they jump on board inside our Business Academy. There’s something you can do just by yourself today, if you’re not part of the Academy – five really practical things to help you take back more control over your clinic, over your business, to help you lay a foundation for sustainable change.

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