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Brad Beer joins us for this week’s Grow My Clinic Podcast and walks us through their Finish Line™ Program and how it has improved their business and their clients’ lives.


“Did they get a complete, remarkable outcome? Yes or No? Not ‘did they come for a few sessions, get out of pain, but ultimately not achieved what it was that they came in the doors to get done.’”
“The commercial reality takes care of itself when you deliver more value than what the client’s essentially paying for.”
“That’s when they (clients) get the outcomes they want – when they’re truly valued.”



  • [0:00:29.4]  Introducing Brad Beer
  • [0:00:49.8]  Brad talks about POGO Physio, his unique program for their clients and how he came up with the program
  • [0:02:20.7]  How Brad was able to come up with a unique program to solve some problems that’s usually encountered in the healthcare industry
  • [0:06:03.1]  The moment Brad realized they had to break from the traditional model of treating patients
  • [0:06:29.7]  How does Brad deal with being a clinician and managing his clinic business?
  • [0:08:22.7]  Changes Brad made to improve their treatment programs and services
  • [0:09:48.9]  What happens during the initial consultation?
  • [0:11:51.3]  Brad discusses about their fixed fee rates
  • [0:14:49.7]  How the fixed fee rates fared with their clients
  • [0:16:06.8]  The effects of Brad’s unique program and fixed fee rates
  • [0:17:27.5]  What types of clients POGO Physio has attracted through their finish line programs
  • [0:19:26.2]  Other problems they were able to solve with their unique programs

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