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Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 230

How does one build a remarkable brand? How do you attract the right people to your clinic? Where do we start with publishing content?

This week on the podcast, we talk about one of the seven Degrees of Clinic Mastery, which is Brand, specifically around building a brand that attracts the right team members, clients, and partners through content creation.


  • [01:12]  The three P’s of publishing
  • [02:00]  Personas: Create a client avatar  
  • [03:13]  Advice for creating a client avatar for Paediatric clinics  
  • [04:15]  Team and partner personas  
  • [05:38]  Presence: Develop, Duplicate, and Distribute content  
  • [09:47]  Profile: How to become known, liked, and trusted  
  • [11:44]  About ‘Behind Your Brand’ 

“It’s important to be present where your [ideal clients and partners] are, where they put their money and trust in.”


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