Branding, Team Mentoring, and Stress Management Tips from Psychologist Shawn Goldberg | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 190

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 190

This week on the podcast we have Shawn Goldberg, Founder and Director of Mind Up. Shawn shares some of the branding tips that worked for him, and how networking has helped him find opportunities to expand his business.

Shawn also talks about helping people with drug and alcohol problems and trauma survivors, how mentoring can help you and your team through your personal development goals, and gives some tips on preventing burnout as a practitioner.

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Getting to Know Shawn/Rapid-fire Questions
  • [0:01:37.9]  Shawn’s reading and learning list
  • [0:02:18.4]  Who inspires you?
  • [0:03:01.5]  Childhood aspirations
  • [0:03:22.5]  Motto you live by

“Be authentic, and do your best.”

The Beginning of Shawn’s Career
  • [0:03:44.4]  Helping people with drug and alcohol problems
  • [0:07:40.8]  Starting his own private practice
Shawn’s Life as a Clinic Owner
  • [0:08:16.7]  What is Mind Up?
  • [0:08:42.2]  Treating people with phobias
  • [0:12:16.1]  Shawn’s team
  • [0:13:05.4]  Shawn’s daily/weekly schedule
  • [0:14:39.8]  How Shawn sees himself as a clinic owner
  • [0:16:55.3]  What the journey to clinic ownership look like
Leadership Lessons and Team Development
  • [0:17:54.7]  Choosing the right applicants for your team, Shawn’s hiring process
  • [0:18:54.9]  Creating a safe and supportive environment for the team
  • [0:19:51.4]  How to prevent burnout
  • [0:21:50.2]  How time-blocking can benefit your schedule
Tips to Growing Your Clinic
  • [0:22:55.0]  How Shawn expanded his network and grew his clinic
  • [0:24:49.8]  Lessons on branding that worked for Shawn’s clinic
  • [0:26:20.5]  Tips to improve your leadership and business skills, the importance of mentoring
  • [0:29:26.4]  Parting words of wisdom to clinic owners

“It comes down to relationships at the end of the day.”


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