Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 134

We have Raph and Lachy from The Mind Muscle Project as our guests this week, and in this episode, we talk about how they built their brand through social media, networking, and even podcasting, and how they were able to create a separate brand for their coaching business while also having a well-established brand for their CrossFit Gym business.

We also talk about attracting the right people to your team, their hiring process, referral marketing, and the factors that make clients (and team members) stay for the long term.

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  • [0:01:11.4]  Rapid fire questions: reading list, watch list, who inspires them, childhood aspirations, life motto, etc.
  • [0:05:32.8]  Getting to know Raph and Lachy and their work
  • [0:08:52.6]  How they defined themselves as coaches apart from their CrossFit brand
  • [0:12:28.3]  Raph and Lachy’s criteria for hiring the best of the best
  • [0:14:37.1]  Attracting your ideal clients
  • [0:16:11.0]  How Raph and Lachy divide their time between their business and their profession
  • [0:16:53.5]  Leading by building people up
  • [0:21:33.4]  Strategies for attracting people to a brick-and-mortar type business
  • [0:24:06.3]  The Power of Instagram and Networking
  • [0:26:15.5]  Referral marketing through clinic owners
  • [0:28:32.4]  Experiences that attract long-term clients
  • [0:31:52.0]  How podcasting help build their brand and changed their life in general
  • [0:33:31.8]  Should you start your own podcast and how to start one
  • [0:36:25.7]  Get to know more about The Mind Muscle Project



“Heroes are heroes, but sometimes the ordinary hero goes a long way as well.”






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