Building and Modeling Resilience with Dr. Dan Pronk | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 216

As business owners, we go through different kinds of stresses and challenges. Some of them we have fully planned and prepared for, but some totally catch us off guard, like this COVID pandemic.

With our role being at the center of high stress and high-pressure situations, it is important to have built our resilience so that we can get back on track after every setback and resume healthy relationships with our team and family.

And who better to talk about resilience with than with, Dr. Dan Pronk, Medical Director at TacMed Australia and former Special Operations doctor. 

In this episode, Dan talks about how to build resilience within yourself and how to inspire your team to progress with resilience in mind. He also shares his experience as a former Special Operations doctor for four tours in Afghanistan and how he’s built up the kind of resilience that can withstand the frontlines of war.

  • Rapid-fire questions: Reading list, people who inspire Dan, motto you live by, childhood aspirations  [0:04:35.2]
  • What it’s like to be a medic/doctor in the military  [0:14:31.7]
  • Dan’s highlights as a military doctor  [0:16:35.1]
  • Leaving a Legacy vs. Passing the Baton  [0:18:06.9]
  • The story behind Dan’s book, The Resilience Shield  [0:20:05.4]
  • Layers of the Resilience Shield: Nature v. Nurture, Constructs, Mind Layer, Body Layer, and more  [0:24:23.4]
  • Meditation and how it helps you build resilience  [0:31:18.4]
  • What The Resilience Shield can do for you  [0:34:11.5]
  • How clinic owners can lead with resilience in mind  [0:37:06.4]
  • To what degree is the pursuit of resilience individual versus communal?  [0:40:09.6]
  • Advice to clinic owners on how to build resilience  [0:42:04.3]

“There are many factors in a community that can bolster resilience.”

“The organization environment must be the one to promote and facilitate a resilient-type philosophy, and then there’s the responsibility of the individual to pick that one as well.”



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