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In this episode, Ben introduces a framework that you can use when reaching out to new referral partners in your network. Maybe there’s someone that you want to connect with or maybe you just want to get to know them and their work better, this framework can guide you on how you can build a relationship with that new referral partner.

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  • [0:01:20.9]  The most common mistake in building relationships
  • [0:02:57.5]  Clinic Mastery framework for building relationships
  • [0:03:37.7]  Step #1: Compliment
  • [0:04:35.2]  Step #2: Connect/Common Ground
  • [0:05:57.9]  Step #3: Collaboration
  • [0:07:40.5]  Making relationships work

We’d love to hear about how you connected with your new referral partners! Feel free to send them in at ben@clinicmastery.com.

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