In a healthcare businesses, growing means adding that extra element we often miss. And as a business owner, it’s no longer just delivering your core product or core service to your clients. It’s not just about giving treatment but also about giving the best experience.

So how does building a strong community contributes to this extra element? As a leader, it is your role to make sure there’s a culture of going above and beyond to retain members. Your primary role is to take care of the team. Then, the team will take care of the clients. And the clients will take care of the business.

Build a community not only to give the best experience to your clients, but also to your members, to your team. Create a culture for your team to enjoy and to love working in.

How to build a Strong Community

If you build really good relationships with the people around you, even with the other businesses around you, you can succeed. As we look into Lissome Gym, a fantastic health and wellness community in Newcastle, although it might be a bit different from traditional health clinics, we can learn from their community. Here are some few tips in building a strong community:

1. The Buddy System

When people comes in to your center, especially for the very first time, it might be really daunting. Buddying them up with someone who can really relate and to walk them through the processes.

In centers like a Gym, it is very important to have a buddy for the client. But it is also applicable in all other centers and for your team as well. Having a buddy for new members will help them feel welcome in a community.

2. Coaching


As the new members start to progress and get a kind of feel to the environment, it is important to have someone check on them. Having a coach to constantly keep an eye on them and making sure they’re being given adequate progression.

3. Empowering Social Experiences

As what was mentioned above, it’s not just about delivering the core product or services. It’s about the experience. Beyond these, you can arrange breakfasts, coffees, retreats, runs, and all these stuff. Create these small habits and make them part of the culture.

When someone has a birthday party, or an engagement party, do your best to go along with it. Be present and bring gifts. It is very important that your leaders see you doing it, these little habits and rituals.

4. Be the Leader of the Best Leaders

Put aside your own selfishness or pride and go, “Maybe I’m not the best coach, maybe I am not the best health practitioner anymore.”Your primary role is to take care of the team.

Do not be threatened with the growth that your team won’t need you around anymore. Because the worst thing you can have in your business is the people that are incompetent.

When people are running that business for you and doing a better job than you, it might be scary that they might leave and work for someone else. But if you can make your business so god and look after them so well and create an amazing experience and community that they would never leave. If you are not the best practitioner in your business, be happy about that. Nevertheless, be the leader of the best leaders.


A strong community will keep you energized and motivated. Bring fantastic experience not only to your clients, but also to your team by building a good relationships and building a strong community and culture.

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Keep in mind: do not lose sight of what is important, hold on to your vision! In these extra elements, starts excellence.

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