Business Coaching and How It Can Help You Grow Your Clinic | Grow Your Clinic Podcast | 201

Grow Your Clinic Podcast Episode 201

Luke Grainger and Darby O’Leary of Hunter Podiatry talk about business coaching and how it helped them grow to a multi-site clinic. They also share some of the growth strategies they implemented to help them achieve clinic growth, and how they maintain a positive culture in their clinic.

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Rapid-Fire Questions
  • Reading/learning list  [01:07]
  • Inspirational people in Darby and Luke’s life  [02:35]
  • Darby and Luke’s childhood aspirations  [04:37]
  • Why they chose Podiatry and how they became clinic owners  [06:25]
Creating a Positive Clinic Culture
  • From disconnected to united: Rebuilding the clinic culture  [11:56]
  • Letting go of archaic systems and creating automated systems for the clinic  [14:17]
  • How to coach team members through the changes  [15:58]
What Does Hunter Podiatry Look Like Today?
  • Hunter Podiatry Today: New locations, new podiatrists, expanding team  [17:40]
  • What does Darby and Luke’s week look like now?  [18:47]
  • Activities with team members that can increase motivation and improve culture  [20:11]
Growth Strategies and Leadership Lessons For Clinic Owners
  • Navigating conversations as a leader  [21:11]
  • Strategies for growth: Dashboard metrics, associating with the right people, etc.  [22:37]
  • How to have a good relationship with your clinic partners  [25:05]
  • Keeping yourself humble  [29:16]
How Coaching Changed the Direction For Hunter Podiatry
  • How coaching changed Darby and Luke’s life, and how it helped their clinic grow  [30:23]
  • A message to clinic owners and practitioners  [32:54]
  • What to do when you’ve hit a roadblock  [33:55]
  • Connect with the Hunter Podiatry gang!  [35:03]

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